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Policy for NDNC By visiting the website and/or registering yourself at Chashma.com, you authorize us to contact you via phone call, SMS, or email and notify you of our services, products, regarding promotional offers that you can benefit from on our website and partnered third parties, for those reasons, personally identifiable data may be collected. If you have registered yourself under the DND policy, we can still contact you 365 days after you have created an account with us. This covers Chashma’s treatment of personal data that Chashma collects when you’re on the Chashma website, and when you use Chashma’s services. This policy also covers Chashma’s treatment of any personal data the Chashma’s business partners share with Chashma. This policy will not apply to the actions of companies that Chashma does not own or control or of people that Chashma does not employ or manage. Chashma collects identifiable information when you register for a Chashma account, when you use Chashma products or services, when you visit Chashma pages, and when you enter personal information to avail promotional offers. Chashma may also receive personal information from our business partners. When you register with Chashma, you enter your first name, last name, contact number, email address, date of birth, and gender. Once you register with Chashma and sign in to our services, you do not remain anonymous. During the process of creating an account, you’ll be requested to register your mobile number, email id, or other devices to receive notifications, SMS, and other messages to your wireless device. By creating an account with us, you authorize us to send SMS and email alerts to you informing you of login details, other services, or advertisements from us.


Acceptance Of Terms and Conditions
You expressly agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions, even if you have not registered an account with us, by using the information, features, functionalities, and tools located on the website. Visiting our website, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions mentioned below. Regardless of if you’re a visitor or an account holder who seeks to utilize the services provided by Chashma, carefully read all the terms and conditions mentioned here. It’s recommended that you save these terms and conditions for future reference or your records. You may even print a copy and keep it.

Chashma states that the Services provided or offered by this website and these Terms and Conditions which You are bound by applies only to individuals/entities who are permitted to enter into a legal contract by the applicable laws. In case you are not legally permitted to enter into a contract for any reason whatsoever, you will not be permitted to use the Services delivered by this website or enter into an agreement with Chashma. In the specific case, you’re underage, You could order the products under parental supervision.

Your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and use of Services implies that You are legally eligible or operating under parental supervision and will not invalidate these Terms and Conditions. In the event you’re underage, Chashma has the right to bind You and your parents to these terms and conditions.

Your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and use of Services implies that You are legally eligible or operating under parental supervision and will not invalidate these Terms and Conditions. In the event you’re underage, Chashma has the right to bind You and your parents to these terms and conditions.

The Products & Services made available on or through this Website have been made available to You for the specific purpose of enabling Users to purchase indigenous eyewear made In India by Indians. It’s not to provide You with any certificate, guarantee, warranty, or professional advice and intended for the sole purpose of information and guidance. By visiting, browsing, and scrolling this website, You acknowledge that You understand limited and restricted use, and agree that You will not rely on the information and data available on this website for any other purpose except the intended one. As an extension, You agree that in all matters, You are solely responsible for informing of your specific requirements. You are prohibited from any unauthorized access of Chashma’s systems or this Website’s, including, but, not limited to, unauthorized entry into systems, collection of passwords, or misuse of any information available on the website or its systems.

You agree that Chashma may disclose and transfer any data that You provide through this Website to (A) our partners or affiliates (B)Third Parties with your permission (C) law enforcement agencies if we are bound by law to disclose Your information. You agree to the transfer, or processing of such information to, or through, any country in the world, as we deem necessary or appropriate, and by entering information on this website, You agree to such rules.

You agree that Your use of this Website may be monitored, tracked, and data recorded for understanding user behaviors. As of now, You agree to such monitoring, data recording, and tracking. You are solely responsible for being aware of the current Terms and Conditions available on the Website each time You visit. By continuing to use the Website, You agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions present. If there are any revisions to the Terms and Conditions, the company, if it chooses to, may send out an email to You in this regard.

Description of Products and Services
The Company offers You an option to purchase Products from indigenous Indian makers. Upon choosing a product and placing an order, Chashma shall hand the product to You and you will be entitled to its payment. All Products and Information present on the Website/s indicates an “invitation to offer”. Your order to buy constitutes Your ‘offer’ that shall be subject to terms and conditions mentioned herein. The Company reserves the right to accept or reject Your offer, the decision of which cannot be contested by You. The Company, to its maximum capacity, has displayed or attempted to display the Products as accurately as possible, be it the colors or the shape of those. However, the colors visible to You depend on the specifications of your device. Hence, there’s no certainty regarding the colors that You see on the website

The Company does not announce any absolute guarantee that the Product descriptions are completely accurate, reliable, up-to-date, or error-free. If a Product offered by the Website/s is not as described. Your sole remedy is to return it in unused and undamaged condition ready to be resold. Chashma offers you the following: (A) Eyewear through our website www.chashma.com and its stores. Chashma offers a huge selection of contact lenses, frames, lenses, accessories, and other products along with information that supports You to make the purchase

Your Obligations Towards The Product
In surplus of Your other covenants in this Agreement, by ordering Product/s on the Website or Store You acknowledge and agree that: (A) You have a written and valid prescription from a doctor for prescription glasses or lenses and the data provided to the Company will be accurate; (B) You consent to Chashma contacting your doctor to check the authenticity of the prescription if required (C) If the package can’t be delivered or if the product’s delivered at the wrong address, because of wrong information provided by You, then, any additional cost for delivery will be billed to you (D) All information sent by You including your first name, last name, address, bank or debit/credit details are your own and there is no misrepresentation or fraudulence from You (E) You will check the product description carefully before placing an order. By placing an order, You agree to be bound by the conditions of sale included in the product’s description.
Data Required From You
After you have agreed to become a member and use the services from our Website, we will request from You specific data for registration. Once You have sent us that, we will ask for additional data to deliver our services. However, we will not ask You for any personal information or to disclose your identity. All data provided by You will be treated as personal and confidential. There’s more information regarding this under the Privacy Policy clause

Order And Delivery Of Products
(A) Once you have ordered, an express request to purchase the Product is shown and it cannot be canceled except in the conditions mentioned herein
. (B) Based on the data provided by You and subject to verification of that, the Orders will be accepted by the Company.
(C) The products will be delivered/handed over once Chashma receives the payment for them.
(D) You acknowledge that Chashma reserves the right to verify the same with Your doctor as well as an independent qualified optician. The acceptance of the order by Chashma is subject to the same.
(E) Chashma will use its maximum efforts to ensure that the order placed by You is successfully processed subject to its availability. In the event, the Product/s is sold out or out of stock, Chashma will inform you regarding the same and deliver an opportunity to buy a different product in the same price range.

Price And Payments
(A) The prices for Product/s are mentioned on the Website and are acknowledged in these terms by reference. All prices are in Indian currency i.e. Rupees. The products, prices, and services on offer are subject to change at Chashma’s sole discretion.
(B) The prices exclude any tax that may be required to be charged by the tax authorities of India
(C) The Company puts in maximum efforts to ensure that the prices and other information regarding it are shown as accurately as possible on the website. Chashma does not make any representation that the prices quoted on the Website will be the exact same in the stores.
(D) In case there is an error in the quotation of price by Chashma, it will inform you of the error before letting you pay. You will have the option to either decline the offer or accept it at the correct price.
(E) Chashma accepts the following forms of payments: (1) Debit/Credit Card (2) Net Banking (3) Cash (4) UPI Payment
(F) You understand, acknowledge, and confirm that the bank or card details provided by You are accurate, correct, and owned by You. In case, You use the card belonging to someone else, you expressly indicate that you have been authorized to do so by the owner.
(G) Chashma will not be liable for any credit card fraud. The responsibility to oversee the proper use of a card lies on the User and the onus to prove anything else shall be of the User. (H) As an extension of all remedies available under rule of law in India and detailed under these terms and conditions, Chashma reserves the right to recover the cost of Product/s, attorney’s charges, etc from an individual/entity conducting fraudulent activities using the Website. Furthermore, the Company reserves the right to initiate legal action against such individual/entity for conducting fraudulent activities with/while using this Website and any other illegal activities or acts in breach of these terms and conditions. Offers Buy One Get One(BOGO): Buy One Get One offer is strictly restricted under the jurisdiction of Chashma and follows the standard rules and regulations unless specifiedotherwise. The offer is applicable for all the in-house manufactured frames and lenses. Other brands available on in-store or online websites are unavailable for the BOGO offer. Sunglasses and contact lenses also don’t fall under the category applicable for BOGO. Everyday use, premium ranges, and progressive eyeglass frames and lenses are available for the offer.The offer is applicable for all the in-house manufactured frames and lenses. Other brands available on in-store or online websites are unavailable for the BOGO offer. Sunglasses and contact lenses also don’t fall under the category applicable for BOGO. Everyday use, premium ranges, and progressive eyeglass frames and lenses are available for the offer

Festive Offer 10% Off: The festive offer gives a flat 10% off on all purchases of branded eyeglasses, sunglasses, in-house manufactured eyeglasses, and single power eyeglasses. The offer cannot be combined with other ongoing offers on in-store or online websites.

First Time Subscriber Offer: The offer is applicable only for purchases made through the websites once you subscribe to Chashma. For first-time subscribers, the first purchase comes with a flat 10% off coupon for online purchases made only through website purchases.

OUTBOUND LINKS TO THIRD PARTY WEBSITES In the process of using the Website, You, as an account holder, will send us personal information to retrieve data from Third-Party websites. Such Third-Party websites will be owned or managed by financial institutions with whom You have an account or they have banking obligations towards you. Chashma does not and will not be responsible for the accuracy of such data maintained by Third Party in terms of completeness, accuracy, being up-to-date, or failure to store data or communicate about it. The Website or other third parties may provide or have outbound links to World Wide Web sites or resources. The responsibility of the content available through those links will lie solely on those websites which control them and their separate terms of use that applythere. The outbound links are provided only for the convenience of the user and any inclusion does not equate to an endorsement of any kind of website those links go to. You acknowledge that Chashma has no control over external websites and content. Therefore, You agree that Chashma is not responsible for any content or resources present on those websites. Chashma does not hold any responsibility or liability for any content, products, resources, an advertisement that you might find on those websites. You further agree that the Company shall not be responsible or liable, be it in any way, for any loss or damage caused by your trust in the content, advertisement, resources, products, or services available on those websites.

You acknowledge that it’s Your responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of all information provided to Chashma while creating an account, which includes Your login credentials, email ID, and passwords. The activities that happen through Your account are solely Your responsibility. You shall remember to carefully use your account and log out after each session to avoid any misuse of it. Chashma will send all correspondences, notifications, and further information to the email address provided by You. In the event of You changing your email address, it is Your responsibility to change the same on the Website. Chashma will maintain confidentiality, privacy, and put in maximum efforts to secure your data and not let it sourced to any unwarranted third party
As an extension, You acknowledge that Your right to visit and use our Services offered on the Website is your own and not transferable to any other individual/entity. You acknowledge that You will use the Services for only lawful activities. You further agree and expressly announce that You are in no way misrepresenting any individual/s or entity/s. In case you are representing another individual/entity. You declare that you are authorized to represent that certain individual/s or entity/s. You shall be solely responsible for any consequence of such an action and Chashma does not bear any responsibility to that certain individual/s or entity/s. Any changes to your account information with Chashma must be duly updated by You. Your visit and use of this Website may be interrupted for any of several reasons, including, but not limited to, the malfunction of equipment, updates, maintenance, development of the website, or other activities done to promote the Website that Chashma can decide to do, in its right, at any time. We strive to deliver the Website without any interruptions or hindrances. However, we cannot guarantee that the function, operation, or security of the website
will always be without any interruptions or that errors will not be found or a potential virus impact isn’t possible. As a visitor or account holder of the Website, You acknowledge that your use of the Website will depend on these Terms and Conditions and that You are visiting or using the website at your risk. We shall not be responsible for damages of any kind related to Your use of the website or any interruptions that might be caused by any reason whatsoever

Chashma declares that the information provided by You is owned exclusively by You. At any moment, You are allowed to alter or delete any data, provided by yourself, fully or partially, at any moment You desire. Chashma requests You to notify Chashma of such removal or deletion. In case You require Chashma to remove all of your data or delete it partially, You need to send a written request to Chashma for it. Upon receiving the request, Chashma will acknowledge it and inform you of the removal of specific data from its servers and anywhere else it was available previously. Chashma states to you that it will not be able to retrieve the deleted data after that. Any management or control over the data will cease to exist after its deletion. However, only certain parts of data will be maintained on the backup logs only to support our System and servers in case a malfunction occurs. This is done to ensure continuity of service without any interruption.

does not bear any responsibility for any such problem with communicating through the internet or any consequence which arises due to that. Rights Provided By You As the Services require you to provide us with certain information like login ID, passwords, usernames, personal identification numbers, content, feedback, and resources, etc, You, hereby, give us the license and right to utilize the same in order to improve the Services and deliver a better standard of it. Chashma will use such data only for improving and delivering Services. At this point, You are warranted to represent that you have the authority to submit or represent the Third Party on behalf of whom You are passing on this specific data. You realize and agree that these data can be utilized without any requirement or need on Chashma’s side to pay any fee or being limited to use it for marketing or advertising practices. Furthermore, By visiting and using the Website, You expressly grant Chashma the right to access Your accounts maintained by Third Parties, on your behalf, and as an agent i.e. if You are using a specified feature on the Website. In that case, You will be directly sent to the identified Third Party. Chashma will submit data including login ID and password that You send to log you into the site. Hereby, You authorize and permit Chashma to use the data sent by you (such as Login ID, username, and password) to configure the Website and make it compatible with Third Parties to which You submit the data.
Your Contribution To The Website At Chashma,
we encourage you to post messages and content on any public forums, blogs, locations, and sections of the Website. By using or posting messages on such platforms, You expressly state that You alone are responsible for everything included in that content. Furthermore, you express and warrant that You have the right to post such messages, information, content, and herein grant us a worldwide, perpetual, royalty-free, non-restrictive, movable, and sub-licensable right to utilize, replicate, issue, exhibit, alter, execute, etc, of such data to market, alter, post on this Website, including readying any enhanced work of it, in any way and through any mode of communication without any restrictions. You agree and state that all the rights granted herein will exist for every visitor and account holder of the Website. Furthermore, if You want to use a public forum, blog, or any of the features available on the Website, then, You make an independent decision of providing information regarding Your identity. All personal information submitted on such public forums, blogs, or any of features for visitors can be collected, analyzed, and processed by a Third Party. There is a risk associated with sharing such information and it can be misused by a mischievous entity/individual. We have no control over such actions and we are not liable for any personal information that You choose to provide or submit on such platforms. In case of any infringement of this condition, then, Chashma reserves the right to block your engagement on such forums.
You expressly agree that the Website and any required software executed with the functionalities of the Website includes proprietary and confidential data that is protected by the relevant intellectual property laws. Furthermore, You expressly state and agree that any data or software on its Website, including its graphics, information, resources, software, and other data protected by national or international laws related to intellectual property rights, trademarks, copyrights, patents, or other proprietary rights. Excluding the case where it’s authorized by Chashma, You agree not to alter, rent, loan, lease, sell, issue or make rehashed works based on the data available on the Website, the Services, or the software in whole or partially. You agree that the Website, its data, and software used is owned, managed, licensed to Chashma, and protected by the applicable copyright laws in India and the international treaty on intellectual property rights. All trademarks, logos, and service marks used on the Website are registered to their respective owners. Nothing on Chashma’s Website should be taken as allowing, by implication, inhibition, or otherwise, any license or right to use any of the trademarks, logos, and service marks displayed on the Website, without prior consent or permission of Chashma and its respective owners. You can download or print a copy of resources provided on the Website for Your personal and non-commercial use exclusively. Any reissue, reprint, or electronic replication of any data from this Website in whole partially for any other reason is expressly forbidden without taking our prior consent.Chashma may inform, alert, or notify you frequently. This communication will be sent from Chashma to You. You agree to receive any type of notification through, but not limited to, emails, phone calls, SMS, or any method of communication regarding transactions, advertisements, or general information. In case You have been on the DND list, disabled alerts, or marked Chashma as spam, it’s recommended that you revise the decision. All the information passed from Chashma’s end will be regarding the Services. Any email sent by Chashma with the attachments and data included, if any, is intended only for the addressee. If You are not the Addressee, You are not allowed to copy, forward, or disclose any part of the message and its attachments. If You have received the message in error, kindly delete the email and its content from your system and inform us regarding the mistake. You realize and agree that the internet cannot be a flawless method to communicate and that any piece of data could be intercepted, lost, get damaged, or impacted with viruses. Chashma and its Website
FORBIDDEN ACTIVITIES You expressly state that you won’t do the following:
(a) upload, email, communicate, post, or communicate any content that is illegal, hazardous, threatening, abusive, harmful, slanderous, tortuous, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, invading another person’s privacy, hateful, bigoted, racially, ethnically or communal in nature.
(b) pose as another individual or entity, including, but not limited to officials, directors, workers, agencies, authorized representatives, leaders, committee heads, guides, or fraudulently state or misrepresent any data or personal accounts
(c) forge data or distort information regarding the identity to hide the origin of any content data provided or submitted to the Website
(d) Collect or amass personal data about other visitors or account holders
(e) Obstruct with or disarray the Website or its servers and networks connected to the Website, disregard any requirements, processes, policies, or operating procedures of networks or servers connected to the Website
(f) Act intentionally or unintentionally to breach any relevant local, state, national, or international law.
(g) Upload, post, email, transfer, or infuse any resource that includes electronic viruses or harmful codes that could interrupt or destroy files, programs, or restrict the functionalities of any computer software, hardware, or telecommunications apparatus.
((h) Upload, post, email, transfer, or infuse any resource to send out unwanted or unsought promotion, marketing, promotional materials, spam emails, chain emails, junk emails, pyramid schemes, or any other mode of appeals, except in certain events that may be set by Chashma for a purpose of posting emails or messages by itself
(i) Use any crawler, spider, bot, scraper, deep-link, or any illegal data gathering tool, design, algorithm, or mode to retrieve, obtain, replicate or oversee this Website, either wholly or partially
(j) Use or aim to use any server, software, application, agency, or any device or mechanism (including, but not limited to, browsers, spiders, bots, or AI, etc) to browse or explore the Website, other than the search engines and agents available through the Website and other than publicly available third-party browsers (such as Google Chrome);
(k) Aim to decode, decomplex, deconstruct or duplicate the software comprising or in any way make up a part of this Website or Chashma.
(l) release or post any information, data, picture, photo, or software that would breach the intellectual property rights of other people, including uncertified copyrighted writing, pictures or software, trade secrets, or other restricted data, and patents or hallmarks used in a violation of rules, policies, or the law.
(m) You may not intrude with other Visitors or Account Holder’s use of the Website, including, but not limited to, disturb the standard flow of conversation in a collaborative area of this Website, altering or deleting any data posted by another individual/entity, or acting in a way that imposes an unreasonable burden on the Website servers or negatively affects the availability of this Website to others. You acknowledge that any contract or other agreement You make or attempt to make with a manager, worker, or employer whom You get in touch through this Website only if that is designated for the same purpose is between You and that manager, worker, or employer alone, and not with us.

PRIVACY AND PROTECTION Chashma realizes that You value how Your data is processed and shared, and we cherish Your trust in us that we will do so with care and sensitivity towards it. We let You have control to its maximum possibility over Your personal data. However, You may not visit and create an account on our Website without informing us who You are or providing requisite information about Your identity. To Chashma, our relationship with you is of paramount importance. We are committed to maintaining the privacy, restriction, and defend any personal data of our Visitors and Account Holders. We are pleased with our privacy policies and the management of our Website security measures and need to inform you about the measures we take to protect Your data and process it to deliver our services. This document mentions our privacy policy. By visiting this Website, You are accepting the policies mentioned in this Privacy Policy.
(a) Data You Provide Us: We retrieve any data You provide to our Website or give through any other method. However, we do not amass any sensitive information on our servers. You can choose not to amass specific information, but that may affect your option to take advantage of many of Chashma’s functionalities. We process the data that You give us for purposes such as acting on your requests, modifying future transactions as per Your preferences, boosting our data sets, keeping in touch with You and processing/sharing, with no breach to any of Your rights, the same for any individual/entity, whether for a commercial or non-commercial purpose which the Company at its discretion, considers necessary for the growth of its business or any other reason. You can change or alter specific information. When You update the data, most of the time, we will keep a log of the earlier version of our servers.
(b) Automated Data: We retrieve and amass specific kinds of data whenever You come in contact with us. The server logs Your Visits and uses them for many processing and analytical reasons. However, other than the IP address of Your system and the location from where You access the Website, there are no other data secured by Chashma in the logs.
(c) E-mails: To enable us to make e-mails functional and entertaining, we send out an email for confirmation of the ID from You.
(d) Sharing of Data by Chashma: You can inform us if You want a Business to oversee Your transactions, and we will allot, execute or, reveal customer information related to those transactions with that Business.
(e) Transfer Of Business: As we strive to improve the business model, we might be taken over completely or partner up with any other Company. In such deals, customer information is usually transferred as it is one of the business assets. In such a deal, we will inform You of the same and make sure that Your data is protected as per these policies and rules.
(f) Protection of Chashma and Others: We transfer account details and other personal data when we believe the transfer is required to comply with law of the land; ensure our Terms and Conditions and agreements stay intact; or protect the assets, belongings, or maintain the safety of Chashma, our Visitors and Account Holders, or others. This includes transferring data to other entities for fraud protection and other similar reasons.
We strive to protect Your data during transmission by using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol, which encrypts the data You input. We continuously develop our privacy policies and alter those to deal with new challenges. We do not and will put Your personal information on the market for anyone, for any purpose, at any time, unless it is in (i) in reply to an authentic lawful request by law enforcement or government institution or (ii) when You have expressed or implied Your consent, or (iii) use it for some analytical or other data presentation without sharing personal data. We only reveal those numbers of Your account as is requisite to allow us to enter and give You the required services related to Your account and Visits. We strive to let You remain anonymous and You have the right to select any Login ID email address and password that lets you be anonymous. Access to Your data and financial information is strictly restricted to those of our Company workers and management, strictly on a need-to-know-to-work basis, in order to execute, upgrade, or for a better standard of Service. These workers or management can be disciplined, terminated, and face criminal charges if they fail to meet Chashma’s rules. Except for the Login ID in the form of an email address, which may be assigned on anonymous criteria, and Third-Party Account details, which are a requisite for delivering the services, Chashma does not need any information from You that might constitute personal data. It is necessary for You to take precautions and prevent unauthorized access to Your password and to Your device. Be sure to sign off when you have used your Account on a shared device. As mentioned in this document and with Your consent, Chashma will from time to time connect electronically to Your bank, credit/debit card, and financial accounts to execute Your payment process


You shall defend, recompensate and hold harmless the Company and its managers, directors, owners, shareholders, board of resolution and employees, from and against all losses, harm, claims, defacement, and expenses, including but not limited to, lawyer fees, wholly or partially caused due to any violation of these Terms and Conditions by You, fabrication or misuse of the Website and its Services offered to You or any careless, unwarranted, and mischievous use of the Website and its Services

These Terms and Conditions are relevant and binding on all the parties, i.e., Chashma and You unless aborted in the situations mentioned below:
(a) Terminated by You and notifying it to Chashma in a written format three (business)days before
(b) deleting, terminating, or ending your account by Chashma or You for any reason and with immediate effect;
(c) Chashma may abort the agreement and end Your account if Chashma comes to know that You have violated any of these terms and conditions, doing it knowingly or unknowingly
(d) Chashma may end the Agreement if it’s a requisite by an express direction of the law Chashma herein unequivocally announces that its Website and Service (including, but not limited to, the underlying network, software, servers, system, several directories and listings, several messages, news and bulletin boards, blogs, tools, knowledge, and databases) is intended for Users who are lawfully allowed to enter into a contract. Chashma is not intended for use by people below the age of 18 or people who are not allowed to enter into a legal and binding contract. If it comes to Chashma’s knowledge, from authentic and reliable sources, that a specific User does not meet this standard, then, Chashma will, consequentially, delete the account of the said User and will remove all information related to that User without any commitment or accountability towards such User, from Chashma’s records.
Chashma, legal entity Franklin Glasses Private Limited makes no claim that this content
is suitable to/available for use in other locations. If You use this Website from other
locations, You are solely responsible for compliance with relevant local laws. These
Terms and Conditions shall be treated as though they were executed in New Delhi,
India, and shall be governed by and interpreted in line with the local or national laws of
India. All lawful affairs arising out of or in line with these Terms and Conditions shall be
brought solely to New Delhi, India. All contentions that may arise shall be resolved in
line with the law as explained under the Indian Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996,
and the venue for arbitration shall be New Delhi. The courts in New Delhi shall have the
sole jurisdiction regarding these Terms and Conditions

(a) The language in these Terms & Conditions shall be expounded to its original meaning and not strictly for or against either Chashma or other parties involved. (b) If any part of these Terms and Conditions is held indisposed or legally not binding, that part shall be interpreted as consistent with relevant law, and the remaining parts shall remain applicable and work without being disabled or nullified in any way.
(c) To the scope that any content or data in or associated with Chashma is in conflict or contradictory with these Terms and Conditions, these Terms and Conditions shall supersede.
(d) Chashma’s failure to enforce any clause of this Agreement shall not be deemed a renunciation of such clause nor of the right to implement such clause. (e) These Terms and Conditions may only be revised by either the same electronic means as used to enter into these Terms and Conditions or in writing that specifically refers to these Terms and Conditions, executed by both parties herein.
(f) Chashma sells products under various brands & sub-brands (including its own indigenously made frames and lenses).
(g) All of the products listed, such as eyeglasses, lenses, and sunglasses, are available at exclusive online prices.